Steady stream of people illegally crossing border

 | Fri 4 Dec 2020 13:52 ICT

Police General Prachuab Wongsuk, Commander of Chiang Mai Fifth Region, whom Citylife interviewed in this 2011 article, has reiterated measures to protect the border from illegal crossings today as concerns rise over carriers of the Covid-19 crossing over from Myanmar.

He also announced that two more illegal aliens were arrested after crossing the border in Chiang Rai yesterday.

According to the commander, all known natural routes for border crossing are being monitored as well as any other vulnerable areas.

Police and army stations near the border are all on high alert and patrolling around the clock, he says, adding that there has been a continuous stream of arrests.

There are talks, he said, between officials on both sides of the border as to how to safely open the border for trade, but as yet there has been no firm directive.

Anyone crossing over the border illegally, he said, will be charged with illegal border crossing as well as knowingly refusing to control the spread of the virus.