Potential new outbreak at tech college

 | Mon 21 Jun 2021 11:38 ICT

Over the weekend the Covid Response Centre announced that it was seeking members of a group of around 80 students from Chiang Mai Technical College who may potentially have been exposed to Covid-19.

A group of 16 teachers at the college have tested negative, but are under observation for the next fortnight.

One student had called the college last week to inform them that he had potentially been exposed to the virus after being tutored by a 33 year old man at a tutorial college who had recently tested positive.

All students who had been working on a group project with this student have now been placed in two week home quarantine and the college has cancelled all classes over the weekend.

This teacher from Learn Si’r tutorial college has potentially exposed students from six schools in Chiang Mai to the virus and there is fear that this exposure has produced a new cluster of the virus.

The public health office has announced the confirmation of three new cases.

There are currently 21 people across the province remaining in hospital, of the total 4,126 cases of people infected in Chiang Mai this year.

There will be an update to the latest outbreak at 1.30pm today at the provincial hall.