One patient remaining in hospital in Chiang Mai from coronavirus

 | Mon 4 May 2020 16:47 ICT

The daily situational report at the provincial hall announced today that across Thailand there were 18 new patients today, bringing the national total to 2,987 – 54 of whom have died, or 1.8% of total number of infected.

Chiang Mai has maintained its number of patients at 40, with no new cases for what is getting close to a month now. Of the 40 cases, one died, though she was already gravely ill from kidney failure as well as other diseases when she caught the virus and one remains in hospital.

 However, officials ask that we only leave home when necessary, that we always wear our masks in public, that we only use public transportation when important, that we frequently wash or use alcohol on our hands, that we stand 1-2 metres apart, that if we sit on the back of a motorbike that we sit side saddle or turn our faces away, that we don’t share dishes of food, that we don’t share personal possessions and that we shower on immediate return home.