One new case of Covid found in Chiang Mai

 | Sat 28 Nov 2020 16:42 ICT

A meeting was held yesterday afternoon, attended by the governor, public health officials and director of Nakornping hospital, amongst many other officials, to discuss the discovery of one new patient now confirmed to have Covid-19 here in Chiang Mai.

“A 29 year old woman with flu-like symptoms went to hospital to check for Covid on the 24th November,” said a representative of Nakornping Hospital, who said that on the 26th November her test came out as positive.

According to the hospital representative, on the 21st of November, or thereabouts, the woman went to eat Japanese shabu and watch a movie at a large mall. She began to feel symptoms on the 23rd.

The official went on to say that the timeline is vague at this point and authorities are currently undergoing a complete contact tracing investigation.

The hospital is stepping up its alert and currently reinforcing strict measures on all personnel.

A proper press announcement will be made by the governor and the public health authorities when more information has been confirmed.

In the meanwhile please make sure that you all use strict social distancing measures and follow all preventative protocol.