No spread reported in kindergarten cluster

 | Mon 26 Apr 2021 14:47 ICT

Following reports last week of an outbreak of the virus in a kindergarten for children between the ages of 4 and 6 in Doi Saket, a total of 37 people have tested positive.

Today, authorities say that the outbreak has been contained, with no newly positive tests found for a number of days now. Contact tracing has contained all people exposed and they are now in a 14 day self-quarantine.

The 37 who tested positive include 25 children, teachers and parents while the 12 others were those who came into contact with them.

Following a meeting with psychiatrists, the teachers and parents in the field hospital will set up a school room for the children, so that they feel as normal as possible. A children’s zone has also been set up and there are times of the day when they are allowed outdoors into the playground, all the while being closely monitored by teachers, parents and medical personnel.