No more than 20 people to gather

 | Tue 3 Aug 2021 14:01 ICT

The Covid Response Centre has announced that due to the current surge of the virus, the government has issued an order that no more than 20 people are to gather for any types of events.

All events, including cultural or traditional events, must be organised for fewer than 20 people to attend, said the order. The organisers of such events must also ensure that the events are as short and succinct as possible with clearly issued starting and ending times.

There will be no food served at these events, unless it is packaged individually and not eaten together as a group. Should there be a need to dine together, then a special permit must be issued by the director of the office of disease and prevention control (Chiang Mai). Each case will be taken to the board of covid response and judged on individual bases.

As to gatherings for medical reasons, those organised by government officials, work place and in home residential gatherings or any other functions sanctioned by authorities, they can continue as long as they conform to guidelines set for these pandemic times.