New cluster at chicken farm

 | Tue 27 Jul 2021 18:25 ICT

Yesterday’s Covid Response Centre announced that there were 41 people who tested positive in Chiang Mai out of 2,560 high-risk people who were tested yesterday. A further five people who arrived from deep red provinces seeking medical attention were also previously tested positive bringing the total number of new cases to 46.

Any Chiang Mai resident from across Thailand needing medical treatment can call 065-4723187, 065-4723188, 065-4723189 daily between 8.30am and midnight.

Amongst the 46 were five from a random test of 853 people at Arcade Bus Station, two at the Don Chan Intersection check point and five more at Wibunthong Market.

A new cluster at R.P.M chicken farm in Hang Dong has also emerged with 14 people testing positive.