Maejo field ‘hospitech’ opens

 | Tue 26 Oct 2021 15:04 ICT

The Maejo University Well-Being Hospitech, located at the Maejo International Convention Centre in Sansai Sub-district, has set up a Community Isolation (CI) centre to support the overcrowding issues faced across Chiang Mai’s field hospitals.

Maejo University is working in conjunction with Sansai hospital and Sansai Sub-district to set up this hospitech to care for ‘green patients’ who have been filtered through the field hospitals and whose symptoms are asymptomatic. There will be CCTV cameras overseeing the hospitech at all times and doctors and medical personnel will be monitoring the screens around the clock.

The building can currently hold up to 130 people with the possibility of expansion to include a further 100 people. Patients will be moved in this afternoon.

After a 14 day quarantine, patients will then be released following a full checkup.

Prajon Prachsakul, Chiang Mai Governor, says that CI hospitechs will be immediately set up in all 25 sub-districts to alleviate pressure on hospitals.