Hospitals across Chiang Mai to halt mixing vaccinations until clarity is reached

 | Wed 14 Jul 2021 14:48 ICT

Hospitals across Chiang Mai have reportedly halted all mixing of vaccinations, amidst mixed information from the government about the effectiveness and risks of mixing vaccines.

Many private and government hospitals in Chiang Mai reached out via social media earlier today to inform us that they would no longer be offering mixed doses of vaccinations.

According to many hospitals there have been many conflicting announcements from the government which is reducing confidence amongst medical professionals.

Maharaj Nakorn, Bangkok, Rajavej, McCormick and Hang Dong hospitals are just a handful of many more who have made similar announcements.

While the Chiang Mai Public Health Office has announced that hospitals may mix doses, they have not advised as to how, which doses and when to mix them.

According to a representative of the public health office, the national policy has been that the first dose administered is to be Sinovac while the second dose is to be Astra Zeneca, with a three to four week gap between doses, aimed to help combat the Delta strain.

This mixing of Sinovac and Astra Zeneca, according to officials, is as effective as taking two Astra Zeneca does, but with a shorter time between does. Those who have already taken the Astra Zeneca, must wait for 12 weeks before their second doses.

However, there was no information as to those who have received two doses of Sinovac and whether a third dose is required to protect against Delta.

To date 802,027 people in Chiang Mai have registered for the vaccine, with 189,346 people already vaccinated.

Chiang Mai currently receives weekly shipments of vaccinations from Bangkok, and will administer the remaining doses, which will run out by Sunday. Once the new batch arrives, vaccinations will continue, but there will be no mixing.