‘Golden voiced’ Covid nurse gains fame and fans

 | Fri 23 Apr 2021 17:18 ICT

Covid-19 positive people currently in quarantine at the Mae Jo field hospital have launched a nurse they call ‘golden voiced nurse’ to fame, following multiple praises of her on social media.

There are currently 350 women staying at the field hospital, young and old. The media began to hear about a particular golden voiced nurse whose dulcet tones make various announcements via speakers to all patients, to much admiration and appreciation.

Many people have never even met this nurse, but appreciate her voice so much they ask after her if someone else is on the speaker. Some patients are such fans that they have ordered food to be delivered to the lovely nurse.

“Her voice brings joy, life and reassurance to all of us,” said one patient, who went on to say that many found her voice of great comfort at this difficult time.

The nurse in question is Darunee Pangthit, or Pi Daeng, director of nursing at Mae Jo Hospital.

She said that she used to work in Sansai, but moved to Mae Jo some years ago. She has been a nurse for 40 years. She said that the Mae Jo field hospital had to be set up very fast to accommodate growing needs and on the 13th of April it officially opened.

Each morning she says that she has to come in and check if there were any problems the previous night and set duties for all personnel. The rest of the day is spent allocating duties, overseeing any problems and seeing to the overall running of the field hospital.

While her main job is management, she is also very aware of the importance of the role of public relations and that she can affect morale. “That is why I add colour, humour and fun to my announcements,” she said.

Darunee went on to say that she is aware that it is hard to keep 300-400 people in good spirits, and while her announcements may disturb some patients who wish to rest, she has to find a very delicate balance between being entertaining, informative, and respectful.

“Everyone is very tired now, including personnel,” said Darunee. “We don’t know when this will end, and it is important to stay positive.”