Field hospital emptying as people finish quarantine and return home

 | Tue 20 Apr 2021 16:15 ICT

In spite of Covid-19 positive numbers continuing to rise, with today’s confirmed new cases at 134, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus since the January wave to 2,483, the trend is heading towards fewer infections, not more.

Today the field hospital at the convention centren saw 81 non-symptomatic patients leave, with 2,402 people remaining in various field hospitals, hospitels and hospitals.

The first group of 81 people who returned home today have all been in the field hospital for 14 days.

However, there was a slight scandal that has the authorities all a dither, as a patient in the male ward had allegedly – according to a Facebook user – been found to have sneaked in to sleep with his girlfriend in the female ward. CityNews was unable to contact the owner of the Facebook page, though we are told that the governor is in a meeting and will clarify this matter later today or tomorrow.