Drinks are now served in restaurants

 | Tue 22 Jun 2021 14:21 ICT

Chiang Mai province has announced via the Covid Response Centre that as of now alcohol can be served in restaurants up to 9pm at night. Closing times have also been extended to 11pm.

Governor of Chiang Mai Charoenrit Sanguansat announced yesterday that various restrictions are to be loosened as Chiang Mai has managed to contain the latest wave of the virus to a satisfactory degree, though warns that these measures can be reversed should any public health threats arise.

He cites the need to allow the public to continue to earn a living and to help the economy.

“This would never have happened were it not for the incredible hard work and dedication of

Tanit Choomsang, Executive Director of Good View Village, who is also the president of the restaurant association of Chiang Mai,” one member of the association told CityNews today.

“In fact, he parked himself in front of the governor’s office after hearing that the public health office wouldn’t lift the alcohol ban until we had two weeks infection-free. He took a letter and handed it to the governor and it was this total commitment to helping the members of the association that makes him our hero.”