Details about the easing of lockdown

 | Tue 2 Jun 2020 14:55 ICT

New regulations have been issued to further relax the enforcement of certain measures for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in order to reduce the impact on the people in terms of the economy, society, and security. The third phase came into effect on 1st June 2020, when the curfew time across the kingdom was shortened by one hour, from 11pm to 3am of the following day.

As of June 1st: Businesses and activities under the third phase are divided into two groups:

1) Activities relating to the economy and way of life

– Department stores, shopping centers, and community malls are allowed to stay open until 9pm;

– Exhibition halls, convention centres, or exhibition sites, with total area up to 20,000 square metres, may open until 9om;

– Amulet shops may open with social-distancing measures;

– Beauty salons, hair styling or hairdressing salons, and barber shops are allowed to dye hair, with two-hour service for each customer and without having other customers waiting inside the shop;

– Child care centres can open for staff to distribute food to children and make arrangements in accordance with public health standards, with no teaching and learning.

2) Exercising and health care activities

– Beauty clinics and tattoo shops can operate on any part of the body, except on the face, but both service providers and customers must wear masks;

– Massage and spa houses for health are allowed to open, with no sauna and steam services;

– Fitness centres can fully operate, with a limited time and number of customers and without the opening of sauna and steam rooms;

– Stadiums for exercise and practice with no competitions, and the number of participants in the area (excluding players) must not exceed 10;

– Bowling alleys, skating parks, and rollerblade parks may open for only exercise and practice;

– Ballroom dance classes are allowed to open as usual;

– Swimming pools for water sports are allowed but with a limited number of customers and players and no competitions;

– Cinemas, theaters, and playhouses may open with no more than 200 people, but concerts and music performances are still not allowed;

– Zoos may open with a limited number of customers.

Conducting all these activities must follow good health practices, such as mask wearing, hand washing, and physical distancing.

Inter-provincial travel is also being relaxed to support economic activities. However, those who return from abroad must comply with the measures and regulations for disease control.

You are advised to check information about travel restrictions for your destination, which may vary from province to province.

The Ministry of Interior has launched the LINE account named ‘Prakas’, which means announcement, and the ‘COVID Notice’ website to provide people a convenient tool to get access to the information for each province about rules and restrictions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Add the LINE account named “Prakas,” which means announcement, by scanning the QR code, or search for its LINE ID “@ 840kpzyv.”

Enter the chat room; then type the name of the province whose announcement you would like to see. You will then find the link to those announcements. However, most of the announcements are in the Thai language, but you can call them directly for the details. The contact number can also be found in the link.

2. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior at to search for each provincial announcement.