Daily update from the provincial hall

 | Thu 26 Mar 2020 17:10 ICT

CityNews – 26th March 2020, no new cases in Chiang Mai today, with the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 remaining at 15. Fourteen patients are still being treated at hospital and one has been sent home.

The Chiang Mai police joined the daily news briefing at the provincial hall today to say that in accordance with national orders, six checkpoints have been sent up around Chiang Mai on all major roads in from Lampang, Mae Hong Son an Chiang Rai. All incoming people will have their temperatures checked. Should their temperatures exceed 37.5 Celsius, they will be asked to sit and wait for five minutes for another test. If it remains high after a second test, then they will be referred to the Public Health Office staff.
The police went on to say that rumours that everyone who crosses a checkpoint and who is not wearing a mask will be fined 200 is simply not true. The checkpoints, which were set up as of midnight last night, are there to check temperatures, ask citizens about their health status and process them through the proper channels if they are believed to be infected.

As to rumours that people are not allowed to travel between provinces, the police say that is untrue too, but they also urge people not to travel at this time.