Chiang Mai’s 10,000 plus restaurants down to under 2,000

 | Wed 4 Aug 2021 13:18 ICT

The Chiang Mai Restaurant Association has come out to criticize mixed messaging from authorities after the Chiang Mai Covid Response Centre released an infographic saying that as a ‘red’ province there will be no dining allowed in restaurants and all restaurants were to be closed at 8pm. This announcement contradicted previously stated government announcement that such strict measures were reserved for ‘deep red’ provinces. Chiang Mai’s residents and restaurant operators had previously been told that restaurants must close by 11pm and stop serving at 9pm.

This caused many restaurant operators to question whether Chiang Mai had been designated a ‘deep red’ province or whether the strict dining regulations were only for Chiang Mai.

The restaurant association told CityNews that Chiang Mai province used to have nearly 12,000 restaurants, the most in any Thai city after Bangkok.

Since the pandemic has shattered the economy, however, only around 2,000 remain.
Of the 80,000 people who used to work in the province’s restaurant industry, only 16,000 remain. The 12,000 restaurants were estimated to have generated around 50 million baht per day; today they generate 10 million baht per day.

The association has asked authorities to only use one voice in releasing information as contradicting and confusing information is only going to cause more panic and confusion.