99 newly infected found yesterday

 | Thu 22 Apr 2021 11:39 ICT

Deputy Governor Weerapun Dee-on announced at the Covid response centre yesterday that only 99 newly infected people were identified yesterday, halving the average number for the past many days.

The total number of newly infected since the beginning of the year sits at 2,448 in Chiang Mai province, with 134 having already returned home after a fortnight’s quarantine.

A public health official at the conference also told the media that there were 37 confirmed cases at the male correctional institute. He did, however, go on to say that all 37 were new prisoners who had yet to be put into the main prison, having been in quarantine.

There have been some rumours swirling around, added the official, that medicine is scarce in Chiang Mai. He told the media that it was false and that the medical staff are fully prepared for all situations.