7,000 beds being prepared

 | Mon 12 Apr 2021 17:36 ICT

Beds at the Convention Centre are filling up fast and authorities say that they are now rushing to ready 7,000 beds for non-symptomatic patients, way beyond the original target of 1,000 beds, in preparation for more demand as cases of Covid continue to rise.

At 1pm today the Covid centre of Chiang Mai announced that another 269 confirmed cases today have officially brought the number of current infected people to 931 in Chiang Mai province.

100 students and personnel of Chiang Mai University have also been confirmed to have the virus and the university has moved them from the convention centre to house them privately.

Donations for food, drinks and other living necessities such as masks, garbage bags and gloves are accepted at the international convention centre.

Call 053-010562 and 053-010561for more information about donations.

Call 053 215183 – 5, 053 215192 – 3 and 053 215195 for any testing information.