1,176 tests came back negative

 | Wed 9 Dec 2020 18:21 ICT

The Public Health Office has announced that since the recent cases of Covid had been discovered, brought into Thailand by people returning from Myanmar, Nakornping Hospital has conducted 1,176 tests, all of which have been negative for the virus.

As to the 95 people considered most high risk, having had some form of contact with the recent patients, they have all been tested three times each, and all tests have been negative.

At the 74th Covid meeting at the Provincial Hall earlier this week, the Chiang Mai public health deputy announced that following the recent five cases widely reported in the news – CM42, CM43, CM44, CM45 and CM46 – all of whom remain under quarantine at Nakornping Hospital, there has been no new cases discovered.

“As to the 95 people at most risk,” he said, “88 are quarantined at home, while the rest are quarantined in government facilities. A further 533 medium risk people have also been tested, with 527 having tested negative repeatedly, while another six are awaiting final results today. A further 634 people who are considered low risk have all been repeatedly tested negative.”

A further 190 people have been tested at various entertainment venues, all of whom have also tested negative.