Spice Garden opens in style at the Nai Soi Festival

 | Wed 11 Dec 2019 22:11 ICT

It’s a successful completion of the event of Nai Soi Festival, the first kind of this in-the-soi party in Chiang Mai on 7th December 2019, formally grand opening of Spice Garden, a new lifestyle quartier on Moonmueang Soi 5, managed by Dr. Stanley Quek, renowned international real estate developer from Singapore.  Lots of customers were impressed with many entertainments e.g. New Orleans style Jazz parade, exciting magician, street art, fire dancing, DJs, etc.

Within Spice Garden, restaurants and lounge are opened for customers to select their delicacy.  Mekong offers an alfresco French-inspired Indochinese cuisine; Brasserie and Bar take the customers to various tastes of bakery with warm drinks; Spice Bar serves refreshing mocktail, special cocktail, and Thai liquor, along with nice music.

As for Spice House, this is an accommodation zone ready for service with 16 rooms.  The prime location in the heart of the city makes it easily accessible and also gives great comfort to visitors.