Chiang Mai company successfully launches its product on Indiegogo

 | Fri 23 Oct 2020 13:16 ICT

After more than three years of development, Recharge takes its FlexBeam personal targeted red light therapy device to the world.

Picture from the FlexBeam launch at the Biohacker Summit, Helsinki, October 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for many Chiang Mai businesses. Whether your company is large or small, the pandemic has created an environment that we have not experienced before. Many local companies have become casualties of the situation. So, it is good to see a company defying the odds and even more so when based in Chiang Mai.

In January, we interviewed the “Norwegian Nomad,” Christian Barmen, CEO of Recharge. Located in Hang Dong, the team of innovative engineers and medical professionals were getting ready to launch their FlexBeam personal red light therapy device through crowdfunding in March. More than three years in development and tested by clinicians, sports teams, and private users worldwide, hopes were high.

As a Chiang Mai company involved in international markets, Recharge was not immune from the Covid-19 impact, deciding to delay the initial offering. The company took the opportunity to continue to develop both the product and its potential markets. The 20 October Indiegogo launch demonstrated the effectiveness of their efforts.

The FlexBeam met its funding target within a matter of hours. After only four days, it has exceeded that figure over nine times. Such is the enthusiasm for the product and its potential, it continues to receive backers from around the world, and there are still twenty nine days to go.

Great news for Recharge. But it is also good news for Chiang Mai too.

You can find out more about Recharge’s FlexBeam Indiegogo campaign here. There is more information on the product, the team, and the science behind this unique device.