‘Central Pattana’ joins hands with ‘TAT’ to celebrate New Normal Songkran Festival under a concept of ‘Thai Niyom’

 | Mon 5 Apr 2021 15:43 ICT

‘Central Pattana’ joins hands with ‘TAT’ to celebrate New Normal Songkran Festival under a concept of ‘Thai Niyom’, highlighting local traditions with no water splashing – reaffirming Central Shopping Centers as The Greatest Songkran Celebration Landmarks nationwide from 8-18 April 2021

  • Aiming to deliver unexpected experiences by creating an emotional connection to last memorable experiences for family through contemporary Thai cultural activities under the concept of ‘Thai Niyom’ during Songkran.
  • Highlighting local traditions: wearing Thai traditional dress, bathing the buddha images and being blessed by the holy water from highly respected monks. Enjoying the rare summer dishes at the Thai Niyom Market; a 5-meter tall sand sculpture of a herd of white elephants; Asia’s largest ‘Bowl Kite’ performance – Thailand;s largest Chula kite; a mini Khon (Thai mask dance) performance from Srinakharinwirot University Prasarnmit Demonstration School; and a magnificent replica of a red lotus field in the middle of the shopping center etc.
  • Expecting to boost traffic by 20% during Songkran celebration at CentralPattana’s shopping centers nationwide

Bangkok – Central Pattana plc., Thailand’s leading real estate developer and operator of centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival, Central Phuket and Central Village is joining hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to hold the ‘Thailand Songkran Festival 2021’ – a new normal style under the concept of ‘Thai Niyom’ highlighting local traditions with no water splashing in line with the government’s policy and the current situation. The local identities will be derived to create highlight activities to celebrate Songkran Festival with ‘Thai Niyom’, a contemporary fun vibe to strengthen Central Pattana’s shopping centers as The Greatest Songkran Celebration Landmarks nationwide from 8-18 April 2021.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana Plc. said: “Given the current situation, this will be the first time for Thai people to celebrate Songkran. It is also the first year for us to hold a new normal Songkran Festival in line with the government’s policy to continue Thai cultural values while being careful to avoid COVID-19. This year, Central shopping centers across the country will highlight their strengths of being ‘Center of Life’ and lifestyles. The highlighted activities were derived from the unique local identities and charms to create unexpected experiences with a newness that seamlessly combines Thai traditions with the lifestyle trends of today’s people. We are confident that our activities and photogenic landmarks will meet the needs of all target group as we penetrate the ‘Lifestyle Insight’ during Songkran for each generation. All of this is to highlight that our shopping centers are truly The Greatest Songkran Celebration Landmarks nationwide. We will continue to apply safety proactive measures ‘Central’s Hygiene and Safety’ master plan throughout the center. Alongside the TAT Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA) to create confidence for Thai people at every festival. This year, we are expecting our event will further attract visitor traffic to our branches nationwide by 20% as it is high-season and the ability of people to travel abroad may be limited.”

Dr. Nattakit added: “The Thai economy at the beginning of Q2 is giving positive signals. Several positive factors are including a long, six-day, holiday where Thais travel to visit their hometowns and the travel abroad is still unlikely. These help reviving domestic tourism as well as the ongoing government economic stimulus measures have also helped increase the mood of spending, creating liquidity in the economy from the local level to the whole country. Central Pattana is ready to push forward and spur the economy through various promotional campaigns and for this year’s Songkran Festival, we have joined forces with our partners to organize various discount promotions to return profits to Thais during their long holidays.”

The Thailand Songkran Festival 2021 campaign comprises four main highlights:

  1. Summoning sacred items – promoting prosperity: centralwOrld, where the holy water will be consecrated by eleven highly-respected monks; CentralPlaza Phitsanulok: Pay homage to the replica model carved from Greek white jade; Central EastVille: Ask for blessings from nine sacred items nationwide; CentralPlaza Nakhon Si Thammarat: Pour water on Phra Buddha Sihing, a respectable holy buddha image.
  2. Shopping and tasting the great dishes at Thai Niyom Markets nationwide – visit the vintage market and taste summer foods and desserts that are difficult to find at: centralwOrld – enjoy the first Tassana Rattanakosin Fair, filled with rarely-found Thai traditional foods and desserts and exclusive summer dishes from over 40 popular restaurants; CentralPlaza Udonthani – taste authentic Thai food at ‘Sappharosthara-Nakara Pachim’ amid the floating market atmosphere; CentralFestival Chiangmai – The 100-year-old Lanna Market gathers together northern foods such as Khai Parm (grilled omelet in banana leaf), Kaeng Kradang (jellied pork curry); CentralPlaza Nakhon Si Thammarat – enjoy rare southern food such as Pak Phanang stir-fried noodles and Kao Yum Nam Budu (spicy rice salad with vegetables); Central Phuket – enjoy ‘Thailand Street Food Festival’, that will create a heaven for food lovers by bringing together over 50 five-star street-food restaurants.
  3. Continuing tradition, culture, performances and local plays – be amazed by the spectacular kite shows at Central Pattaya Beach – admire Thailand’s longest kites of over 300 m in length at the ‘Thai Sea Kite Show’ on the beach in front of the shopping center, see the ‘Bowl Kite’, Asia’s largest kite, 15-meter long whale and calves kites, three LED kites, meet 19-year-old Krityot Yoiyat, world kite-flying champion, and member of Thailand’s champion from 9-19 April. CentralPlaza Nakhon Si Thammarat – watch the spectacular 3.5 m Chula kite, Thailand’s largest kite from the Suratthani Kite Club and has been exclusively painted by the province’s well-known artist Chaiyan. CentralwOrld – the most famous Sukhothai’s kite display, Central Korat – encounter Thailand’s genuine ancient auspicious cat breeds from 10-18 April 2021. Watch the mini Khon (The masked dance drama of the Ramakien) performance from SWU Prasarnmit Demonstration School (Elementary) at CentralPlaza Bangna (10 April), CentralPlaza Salaya (11 April) and centralwOrld (13 April). CentralFestival Chiangmai is joining hands with Chiangmai university to hold a 100-year vintage clothing fashion show ranging from the Chao Jed Ton dynasty (1774) to the present.
  4. Dress in colorful floral print shirts and take photo at Thai Niyom photo landmarks nationwide: CentralPlaza Rama 2 – The first time in Thailand with a sand sculpture of a 5-meter tall herd of white elephants in Royal Thai ceremonial uniforms stretching over a 20 m exhibition area. This was made by an award-winning artist from Hokkaido. CentralwOrld – be stunned by seven-huge sand pagodas with 4-meter tall designed by national artist. CentralPlaza Udonthani – admire the spectacular beauty of the ‘Red Lotus Sea’ (Talay Bua Daeng). CentralPlaza WestGate – be dazzled by a 3-story high sand pagoda and a 300 m field of sand.

Don’t miss ‘Thailand Songkran Festival 2021’ with special promotions for everyone to celebrate the Thai New Year together. The whole family can enjoy activities in the new normal ‘Thai Niyom’ way, all in one place from 8-18 April 2021 at 33 branches of Central shopping centers nationwide.