AIS’s Working from Home Packages

 | Wed 18 Mar 2020 13:54 ICT

CityNews – 18th March 2020, AIS has developed multiple packages to support these COVID-19 days of self-quarantine and social distancing with its new ‘Working from Home’ packages starting at 99 baht per month.

Office staff will be able to work remotely via the application and the intranet of the company so that they can continue to work from home.

Pratana Lelapanang, AIS’s head of customers’ management groups, said, “To support the business sector during these hard COVID-19 times, AIS is working with our allies to provide this AIS Working from Home package which offers multiple solutions via 5G and 4G mobile networks as well as home AIS Fibre to support businesses, office workers, students, and other groups of people who need to continue to work during these days.”

The Unlimited Work Anywhere package on top of the regular Office 365 package can be used anywhere any time from mobile phones.

For 99 baht per month the Unlimited Work Anywhere package can be used with unlimited Zoom Video Conferencing.

The Unlimited Next G Max Speed 50 GB at only 499 baht per month offers 50 GB per month high speed internet to be used with unlimited Office 365 and Zoom Video Conferencing.

5G/4G Fixed Wireless Access turns your home into an office via router scattered signaling for only 8.900 baht (normal price 12,900 baht) with a monthly package of 599 baht. This will entitle the user to have up to 50 GB speed via 5G and up to 100 GB speed via 4G. Unlimited internet use up to 10 Mbps including unlimited Office 365 and Zoom Video Conferencing.

The 4G Home Broadband which is normally 4,990 baht has been reduced to 2,990 baht per year and offers speeds of up to 50 GB in the first month and 4MBPS for one year at no additional costs.

The Fibre Working from Home is offering a special promotion for AIS Fibre clients who can upgrade their package to the Speed Boost for only 99 baht which will increase the speed to 1 Gbps/200 Mbps with Speed Toggle which will allow for switching between fast and slower speeds around the clock. For packages under 699 baht the Speed Boost 59 baht package will increase the speed to 300 Mbps / 300 Mbps.

AIS Fibre 100 Mbps /100 Mbps for new AIS Fibre customers with a special price of only 299 baht per month includes the 4G MAX Speed 1 GB sim as well as unlimited Office 365 and  Zoom Video Conferencing

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers employees remote access through the company’s intranet. There is also a Corporate Internet Bandwidth on Demand offer for only 30 baht / Mpbs / month along with a multitude of other solutions.

To find out more visit from now until the end of June.

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