AIS plans to welcome employees back to the office​

 | Mon 18 May 2020 09:46 ICT

“According to the current overall situation that the rate of detecting of the infected person is continually decreasing, which is a result of the cooperation from the people in all sectors that are doing social distancing, including changing lifestyles and working conditions to cope with this epidemic situation for the best. All of this directed to the announcement from the government to ease lockdown measures to stimulate the overall economy to continue and move forward,” said Chief Human Resource Officer at AIS Kantima Lerlertyuttitham.
“AIS has closely monitored the pandemic situation since the beginning. We announced the BCP plan that divides and distributes the team in the Office, along with prepared technology for WORK FROM HOME to employees from March 2020 until now. Therefore, employees can work, look after, and deliver service to customers at full efficiency. However, many employees are thinking of the atmosphere of working in the office.”​
“Employees are therefore welcome to come back to the office 50% of the time from Monday 18th May onwards. With the concept of ‘FIT FUN FAIR to overcome COVID'”.​

The working model will be:​
– Divide the employees into A-B teams, each shift will work for two weeks of the month at the office. After each fortnight the entire office is cleaned in preparation for the next team. There will also be more Flexy Hours for employees. ​
– Work online more, but also rearrange work stations and common areas.​
– Screen and take the highest hygiene care such as body temperature measurement, wearing a mask at all times, sanitising work stations and office building space in every 30 minutes.​
– Continue to ban employees from travel both domestic and abroad until the situation changes.​