AirDeveloppa and Local Businesses Bring You Clean Air

 | Wed 16 Mar 2022 13:00 ICT

Chiang Mai company AirDeveloppa has released its latest product, the AirCheck Business, to bring clean air to commercial indoor spaces. With this new air quality meter, any local business can show the indoor air quality at their venue. The AirCheck shows the widely-used international standard US AQI (PM2.5) in two places: on the screen for customers at the venue and on the map in an Android app, which anyone can download. The visibility of the AQI level will motivate local businesses to purify the air for their customers. And soon, anyone can check the placement of the AQI meter and get rewarded in bitcoin!

During the hot season, Chiang Mai suffers from haze pollution that threatens people’s health. The only areas safe from air pollution are indoor spaces with air purification. Many people and small businesses run several air purifiers indoors already. However, you also need to know which spaces have clean air when you leave the house. How is that gym doing with air quality right now? Which restaurants bother with offering a healthy environment to their guests? Customers should know who cares about their health and choose to visit places with clean air indoors. Likewise, small businesses can now show that they care and display their AQI number to potential customers.

The new AQI meter and mobile application combine well with AirDeveloppa’s low-cost air purifier, already selling successfully. Both products improve people’s health in Chiang Mai with clean air indoors. Cafes, restaurants, gyms, yoga studios, and co-working spaces can put themselves on the map as a clean and healthy place by installing low-cost air purifiers and the AirCheck Business AQI meter. They can offer clean air to attract those customers who care about health.

AirDeveloppa is a local Chiang Mai company started by a German engineer to bring clean air to Chiang Mai. Already in business for three years, AirDeveloppa focuses on indoor spaces, an environment you can control. The air purifiers are produced locally in Northern Thailand, and with the AirCheck Business AQI meter, they partner with the customer to make Chiang Mai a healthy place to live.

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