Boy threatens to kill mother with knife after losing video game

 | Mon 21 Oct 2019 14:52 ICT

CityNews – 21st October 2019, A YouTube video of a 10 year old boy punching his computer screen in frustration over a game, has gone viral. The boy starts off shouting and banging at his computer as his grandmother and mother plead and beg him to stop. He then smashes his keyboard multiple times and with great aggression while his relatives beg him to calm down.  He is then seen putting on his ear phones and hurls profanity laden insults at another online gamer, even threatening to kill them if he came across them in real life, before storming off. The mother then puts on the ear phone and starts screaming, using the same profanities as her son, at the other online gamer, accusing his or her parents of not bringing them up right and scolding them for causing such mayhem in her household, before smashing the ear phones and storming off as well.  Finally, the boy returns to the computer holding a large knife, starts smashing about, sees that his earphone is broken, and gets up to threaten to kill his mother with the knife.

The video went viral as it appears to have touched quite a nerve with many people on many levels – mental illness, game addiction, spoilt children, use of extreme profanity in someone so young, lack of parental control.

CityNews later learned that losing a game to the other opponent lead to the incidence. This has now become a hot topic on Thailand’s many TV talk shows.