Weaving together Tradition And Fashion in Support of Elephants

 | Thu 9 Jun 2016 09:59 ICT

Press Release

CityNews – Fair Trade company Ethnic Lanna, loves elephants. Elephants are easy to love; their calm gentle actions can amaze you and their playfulness can raise your cheeks to the sky. It’s hard not to be bewildered by how quickly your initial fear of an animal so large and capable of destruction is replaced with comfort and laughter. People pay for this exact feeling. Unfortunately, in much of the tourism industry in Thailand, the once revered Asian Elephant has been reduced to a painful life in captivity.

ethnic lannaEthnic Lanna has decided to use what they do best, to spread awareness about the treatment of elephants in captivity in Northern Thailand. With The Loving Elephant Project, they are crafting a line of handbags, clothing, and accessories that are printed or embroidered with a beautiful elephant design. When the website launches, a portion of every product sold will be donated to elephant sanctuaries that are dedicated to elephant rescue. The goal is to use the handcrafted image of an elephant to raise awareness of their abuse, and support the organization that are actively working towards stopping this abuse.

The company is using a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds they need to make more elephant inspired products, and launch the Loving Elephant website. Watch their campaign video below, and follow the link to their Kickstarter to donate. They’re working to garner as much support as possible from the Chiang Mai community and beyond!

Here’s the youtube link to the campaign video: https://youtu.be/lP6Kl-o6dMs