Wake Up 24 hour cafe

 | Sun 25 May 2014 06:00 ICT

Wake up cafe is what Chiang Mai has been waiting for!

Good for some bad for others…

Wake up cafe is barely a month old and yet threatening the livelihood of many smaller cafes in Chiang Mai. In fact it may change the face of the cafe culture altogether! Wake up is the first 24 hour cafe to hit Chiang Mai.

There have been rumors of Maya malls workspace becoming open 24hours but Wake Up has beaten them to it (as well as Tom’n’Toms who is still in the construction process and missing out on the new market because of slow builders).

Situated on Nimmanhaemin road, close to Salad Concept, Wake up is not only a cafe but also a giant work space area! Not only that but they are also attached to a subway meaning you don’t have to leave if you get hungry. I ended up spending 6 hours inside Wake up, working and being oblivious to the outside bustle of Nimman!

Coffee – Not bad. I was expecting Wake up to have mediocre coffee since they are focused on the space but it’s actually good. They also offer a choice of classic (light beans) and premium (dark beans). They have a large menu of coffee drinks including Azuki cafe latte and Mocha banana! As for food the sub of the day has got you covered!

Cafe – So much space! If you arrive early you get the pick of seats! There is free wifi (4 hours with every purchase) and plugs at most of the tables! They are really catering for the online work crowd and the students! Wake up is impressive and a serious contender to Pun Space and neighbouring workspace Guru’s box!

Other – Because the space is big and the employees few you are a given a table weight that vibrates when your order is ready. Unfortunately you have to collect your coffee yourself – no table service.

*If you are tall watch your head on the spiral staircase!

And because I am constantly being asked for speedtests to accompany my reviews here it is:

  • Ping – 27ms
  • Download – 0.61Mp/s
  • Upload – 0.20 Mp/s


Open : 24 hours!

Location: Nimman soi 10

Website: coming soon…

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