Ombra Cafe

 | Mon 19 May 2014 06:00 ICT

A bed and breakfast called Pyur Otel (pure hotel?) the cafe attached to it is more of somebodys living room. I habve a feeling most of the ‘customers’ persent were actually the owners friends but real customers are also welcomed as friends.

Coffee– An interesting place with a menu that prioritizes interestingly named  juices (such as beet attack,  ) beer and cakes over coffee and yet served one of the strongest and well made cappuccinos I have tasted in Chiang Mai. It took around 5 minutes to make my drink but the wait was well worth it!

Cafe – Ombra is what I’d label Bangkok style: extremely modern, dark and sultry with a mix of tables, stools and leather armchairs with sheepskin blankets. The cafe offers a good food menu, brownie cheesecake and a racing bicycle mounted onto the wall – it’s a good cafe to let your eyes wander around in.

Other – In a sense Ombra is extremely Thai. This is not a bad thing but everyone was surprised to see a farang walk in, very  accomadating to me and the waitress spoke little English so she brought over the owner to take my order.

Price: 40 – 95 Baht
Open: 07:00 – 23:00
Location: Take the road opposite the Shell gas station on Huey Kaew road and go straight to the end (past Chiang Mai Lodge) Ombra is on the left.
Website: FB Ombra caffe