Meeting of Styles Comes to Chiang Mai

 | Tue 21 Apr 2015 05:38 ICT

Last weekend, April 17-18, saw the second annual Meeting of Styles (MOS) held by As You Wish Services in Chiang Mai.


Meeting of Styles is an internationally renowned graffiti festival that brings artists from all over the world together to share their art cultures and different ideas.

This year’s event was held in an abandoned building in Mae Jo, which had been professionally checked for damage and had emulsifier used on some bigger walls to ensure safety.

Artists arrived from ten in the morning and got to work immediately.


“Brought together and inspired by their passion for graffiti, MOS aims to create a forum for the international art community to communicate, assemble and exchange ideas, works and skills, but also to support intercultural exchange,” says the International MOS website.

In addition to local and international graffiti artists, the Chiang Mai event hosted many Thai B-boys (break dancers) and local DJs. In addition, ten participants were chosen from a drawing to attend a Sunday workshop with internationally famous artists at a secret venue.