Winstons Pool and Sports Club

Winstons Pool and Sports Club is great for those looking to sink a few balls and watch a bit of footy after a long day at work or to catch up with the latest fixtures on live TV over the weekend. Found inside the re-vitalised 12 Huay Kaew bar complex opposite Kad Suan Kaew, this is the only proper international sports bar opened in the area. The bar is littered with TVs that operate on a first come first served basis — giving the first customers dibs on what is being shown that night with a few exceptions when it comes to the biggest games of the season. They have two pool tables, one with British pool the other with American, great for challenging your workmate from across the pond. They also stock international beers, ciders and spirits and have a free buffet every Saturday from 6pm to 9pm, and there is seating both inside and outside. Children are also welcome and the staff of polyglots can speak a range of languages, including Thai, English, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, German, Korean, and Japanese.

Open 5pm – Midnight (Check bar for late opening times for early hour fixtures)

12 Huay Kaew, Huay Kaew Road (Opposite Kad Suan Kaew)

Facebook: Winsons Pool and Sports Club

089 234 9006


12 Huay Kaew, Huay Kaew Road (Opposite Kad Suan Kaew)

Category Bar Opening Times 5pm – Midnight