The Volcano I (CMU)

This cheap and cutesy little shop serves up a variety of desserts that are hard to find elsewhere. Namely, the elusive frozen yoghurt! Yes folks, here at the Volcano they have the real, slightly sour-tasting (that means healthy!) fro-yo that has taken the west by storm over the past five years or so, which until now was nearly impossible to find in Chiang Mai (believe me, I tried). Here, you can get it Slurpie style and sprinkled with toppings like fruit, cereal and chocolate sauce. The Volcano also serves up their famous “toast” desserts, of which there are three different kinds – Volcano toast, French toast, and the massive Japanese toast (which is more like a loaf) – topped with pretty much whatever your heart desires, from mangos to caramel to green tea flavoured condensed milk. Rounding out the menu is a variety of beverages and even chocolate fondue, which comes served in a cute white tower with its own tiny flame. Sweetness craving: satisfied.


P.P. Plaza, behind True Coffee on Suthep Road

Category Cafés Venue Type Cafe Cuisine Ice Cream Opening Times Open daily, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. 088-261-3001; 081-172-7173