The Mellowship

For a sophisticated European experience, try the Cuboanra, a toast topped with baked champignons, cheese and crispy fried bacon which goes very well with a ruby red negroni — the slight bitter tastes of the Campari and lime peel cuts the richness of the cheese. Duck breast with tamarind sauce is another new dish on the menu which ratchets up its spicy sweet and sour tastes. For a lighter and oddly refreshing bite, try the ham steak with green apple sauce served with a jaunty fresh slice of pineapple on top. While savouring your meal you can sip some rare vintage cocktails like a Manhattan, a dry — or indeed dirty — martini, or an old fashion, all recent additions to the menu…while the band serenades and entertains.

Wine pairing will also be available with every bottle personally selected by wine producers and distributers who brain storm around the table and thoughtfully select each every single one. The list is varied and covers all price ranges and both new and old worlds. There are also beers and regular sodas to enjoy. Starting today, The Mellowship will be introducing two new dishes each week which come with a complimentary cocktail. For those who wish to hold a private party, there is a buffet service available.

231/12 1004, T. Chang Phueak (near Dunkin’ Donuts)
Open 6pm – 11.45pm
Tel. 053 908 888
Facebook: themellowshipjazz
Tel: 086 567 3456


231/12 1004, T. Chang Phueak (near Dunkin’ Donuts)

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