The Curry Pot

A lot of new restaurants have sprung up on the ground floor of Kad San Kaew mall, one of which is Curry Pot. Imagine Indian fast food – or at least food that comes to you in ten minutes – with a slight Thai taste to it. The chicken masala, always a favourite, comes with a rich gravy that tastes a little bit different than other masalas you’ll find in the city. It’s certainly different but it is also very tasty – especially considering the food’s quick arrival. Add to your favourite curry a garlic nan bread and some jasmine rice and you have a complete meal at a very reasonable price. The spice level can be adjusted to your liking ranging from very mild to hot, hot, hot – simply ask. They also serve a large selection of lassis (Indian yogurt drinks) and salads. Curry Pot can be delivered to your home using the mealsonwheels4u service.


Bottom floor of Kad Suan Kaew Mall

Category Restaurant Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine South Asian Opening Times 10am - 9.30pm