Surf Sweat Chiang Mai

Located on the second floor of The Kannas Mini mall, Surf Sweat is the first fitness studio in Chiang Mai which introduces everyone to a fun and new way to get your bodies muscular and fit. The studio is full of brand new exercising equipment imported all the way from America including Surfset boards, Water Rower machines and exercising equipment for Pilates. We mountain folks aren’t known for our surfing skills, so this cool Surfset board could be a really fun challenge for anyone looking to get the feel of a surfboard, but in an air-conditioned room and on land! You can also build up some muscles with the Water Rower machine, an exercising machine imitating the action of rowing. Pilates is a fitness system that can help fix your body posture and you can join a course here. This studio is fully air-conditioned, limited to only eight people per class which enables everyone to be able to interact with the instructor. If you are up for a challenge to test your limits, Surf Sweat is definitely the place you are looking for!

The Kannas 308, Moo 3, T. Chang Pheuk
Facebook: surfsweat
063 559 9264


The Kannas 308, Moo 3, T. Chang Pheuk

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