Slope Motion

Tucked away down a backstreet of Lang Mor, Slope Motion is a hidden gem adored by those who have discovered it. Serving up a range of hot and iced coffees, exciting teas, and bubbly sodas, this venue serves up great vanilla milkshakes as well as a frothy cappuccino. Try the unique Slope Motion Duo for a mix of Thai and green tea flavours. In addition they also serve up a range of fruit smoothies and a selection of cooked snacks to enjoy with your drink. From ice cream covered waffles to pizza in a cone, there is something for everyone. They sometimes hold mini markets and events, and with its large garden it is also pet friendly! From just 35 baht a drink, it’s a real steal too!


Suthep Soi 6, Lang Mor near the Love Eat BBQ

Category Cafés Opening Times 10am – 8pm 095 4472 041