Pretty much your quintessential Lanna khan toke experience, Sibsongpanna will get those with a fetish for nam prik and traditional Lanna dancing girls feeling merrily content. For a small price their nightly show and buffet is a cheap and interesting night out, especially if in a large group or doing the tour guide thing. The food is local stuff, mainly chili dips, sticky rice, fried pork and chicken, and boiled veggies. The restaurant is situated in an old style Lanna house, and of course the staff are all adorned in the typical Lann garb.


662 Moo 10, T.Suthep

Category Restaurant, Restaurants Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine Northern, Thai Opening Times Open daily 6.30 p.m. - 10 p.m. 081 960 7853, 083 579 7373