Raya Heritage

It took three years to build this luxury resort by the Ping River. The reason it took all that time was that the owners wanted to ensure that the spirit of Lanna, the cultural legacy of life by the Ping River, is respected and elegantly infused into the entire property. Forgotten crafts, local arts and traditional textiles are delicately blended with a minimalist style, creating a charming contemporary air that is filled with stories waiting to be told. Khu Khao restaurant, for example, is creatively designed to serve the experience based on our rice culture in every minute detail.

The menu, inspired by the trade caravans who would travel across the region from Xishuangbanna to Lanna Kingdom, presents multi-cultural cuisines from kingdoms and hill tribes along that trade route. Traditional crafts, tools and equipment are altered and inserted into the rustic warm décor like the pendant lights which are created from baskets once used for rice hulling. So when you sit back waiting for your food to be served, maybe have a little chat with the staff and the story might spice up your meal a little.

157 Moo 6, Don Kaew, Mae Rim
Tel. 02 301 1861
Facebook: Raya Heritage


157 Moo 6, Don Kaew, Mae Rim

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