It is summer; it’s sweltering and sizzling. It is also the time for the King of Rice Dishes – khao chae. This dish is believed to have originated from the Mon people (same people as the original inhabitants of Chiang Mai), but its first record was during the reign of King Rama II.  It has since been synonymous with the royal palace and because of its complexity and being incredibly time-consuming to make, was in the past very hard to find outside certain Bangkok restaurants. Well, look no further, Pruksa serves up delicious khao chae: rice in iced jasmine water, kapi (shrimp paste) balls, stuffed shallots, stuffed sweet peppers, shredded sweetened pork, sweet pickled turnips with eggs and fresh veggies and fruits. If you have never tried this refreshing royal dish, you must head over there and check it out. Only for 189 baht throughout May.


10 Bunruengrit Road

Category Restaurant Cuisine Thai Opening Times 11am-11pm 053 277722, 086 9186116