Monsoon Tea

Monsoon Tea is a veritable wonderland of locally grown tea varieties and rare imported specialty teas. Walk into the clean, brightly lit shop and breathe in the fabulous, fresh aromas of dozens of different types of teas from all over Southeast Asia, lined up in large silver canisters along the walls.

The miang leaf has been chewed, brewed and stewed by Thai people for centuries. Growing in jungles and hills all around us, some trees are hundreds of years old. Monsoon Tea cultivates these eco-super-friendly and sustainable tea crops without destroying jungle like many tea plantations and has created a brand and business which is going serious places. Their local shop here in Chiang Mai serves an assortment of fine teas for you to sample; hot, cold and even mocktails. An exciting menu features tea in almost every dish with the moreish fried tea leaf salad, fried chicken with tea pesto, coconut and tea ice cream and all sorts of creative and delicious items you must try. The owner is passionate about tea and whether you are or not, the food is good, tea is sustainable and delicious and ambiance very chilled.

The shop also sells organic kombucha, local honey and a smart selection of top-of-the-line tea accessories.


328/3 Charoenrat Road

Category Cafés, Restaurant Venue Type Cafe Cuisine Thai Opening Times Open 10am – 6pm (Closed Sundays) 052 007758