Meena Rice Base Cuisine

Meena’s take on rice is unique and specific. With the restaurant itself surrounded with rice paddy fields and barns, it makes sense that they are keeping it simple but sophisticated with their locally inspired menu. From a farming family comes some great cooking, with the owners dedicated to presenting local favourites in modern styles, while still holding onto their traditional flavours. Spring rolls, roasted spare ribs served with rice-berry and five colour steamed rice (coloured yellow from safflower, red from husked rice, black from rice berry, blue from butterfly pea and white from pure home-grown jasmine rice) are the restaurants absolute favourites. Healthy drinks include Thai herbal favourites with additional rice berry and much more!

Open 10am – 5pm
Facebook: meena.rice.based
087 177 0523


Ban Mon, Moo 2, Soi 11 San Klang, Sankamphaeng

087 177 0523