Mastermind Brain Spa and Total Wellness Center

This spa is full of the most innovative and cutting edge wellness technology resources you will find in the city. Jam packed with a range of services from acupuncture to Reiki, LED light therapy to Virtual Reality Immersion, their aim is to improve your wellness and body aura to its peak. After an in-depth consultation they can take you through over 80 different light therapy programmes which help with stress, memory, fatigue, concentration and much more. White LED lights flicker away as your brain makes amazing colours and patterns that takes you on a journey to your pineal gland and is said to harmonise your body. Their VR room is also used in rebalancing the brain, often paired with music to help with memory loss, motor skills, meditation and mood. They also have a Biowell aura scanner that can analyse your aura and help improve the treatment you get, and for those really looking for something unique, they also have a Pyralight to try and buy!


10/5 Huay Kaew Road (Opposite Kad Suan Kaew)

Category Health Spa 064 341 5500