New name, new style, same location. Malt is pretty much Dogaholic 2.0. Slipping into the same slot in Think Park and even owned by some of the same owners. Malt has taken this Nimman favourite to the next level. As you’d expect, all the usual drink choices are available, with an addition of a fair selection of cocktails and two refrigerators packed with local and international craft beers. There is live music every night, sporting some real local talent that bang out tune after tune of genres such as blues, rock and roll, oldies and funk. This is a perfect hangout before a night on the town or as a stop-off on the way home from work. They even have a happy few hours between 5pm-8pm offering two for one on beers, wines and whiskeys!


Think Park, Nimmanhaemin Road

Category Bar Opening Times 5pm – Midnight 089 434 5646