Jumbo Squid

Only recently opened, Jumbo Squid brings the tastes discovered in Taiwan to Chiang Mai, with a unique squid serving; deep fried and covered in homemade barbeque flavours. As the name suggests, the only squid they serves is Jumbo, with only two sizes to choose from XL and XXL. The owners also own a very successful seafood business, which means their squid is also guaranteed fresh and succulent. The squid itself is also marinated before it is deep fried to make sure it is soft and tasty throughout. The crispy coating and the flavours added after frying are all different to create a delicious combo of salty, seafood-y, barbeque-y deliciousness with every bite. With only one thing on the menu, you know they are bound to get it right. There are usually a few people waiting for their squids so you will most likely be served up a freshly fried one too!


63/10 Rat Uthit Road, Wat Gate

Category Street Vendor Cuisine Seafood, Taiwanese Opening Times 11am - 6pm (Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays) 093 2639990