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With over nine years in the health insurance business, Julien T. has shifted his career from working with hospitals to running his own company providing insurance consultant. His networks spread across many countries in Asia even reaching to top insurance companies such as Axa. As a certified agent company, ie Solutions is able to sort out all the confusion surrounding health insurance and help customers make the best decisions that are going to effect on their lives, from choosing insurance packages, an emergency incident to advising you through the medical insurance for long stay visa.

ie Solutions is independent from any insurance companies and other businesses so all customers will be given a fair consultant that offers the most benefits. The services cover house, vehicle, travel, business and health insurance. Doors are always open and calls will be picked up 24/7. The consultants can be given in French, English and Thai language.

Office: 4th Floor, Pantip Plaza
Tel. 081 991 1381, 094 636 5798


4th Floor, Pantip Plaza

Category Consultant 081 991 1381, 094 636 5798