Hong Kong Lucky

As authentic as you get this side of Kennedy Town. Sit and take an aromatic whiff of their delicious wonton broth which comes with plump, generous helpings of prawn wontons and the signature thin egg noodles of Hong Kong. Dig into the crispy and rich flavours of the roast duck dipped into plumb sauce. Swallow tender slithers of kuay tiew lod noodles stuffed with steamed veggies soaked in soy, or for a simple one dish meal, dive into the delicious red pork on rice. HK Lucky wouldn’t represent the island city if it didn’t have great dumplings…which it does. Prices are not cheap for a pretty basic looking restaurant; there is aircon, the location is great with its own parking, but the atmosphere is akin to the moon’s.


Nimmanhaemin Soi 7

Category Restaurant Venue Type Restaurant Cuisine Chinese Opening Times 10am - 11pm 089 0772170