Looking for a coffee shop a step above the rest? Don’t miss Hillkoff, where the products are not only top quality, but sourced in a way that is both local and ethical.

In 1955, illegal opium production and trade was flourishing in Thailand. With help from the UN, the Thai government replaced opium fields with tea and coffee plants. 22 years later, the Chao Thai Pu Kao Highland Agricultural Projects (CTK-HAP) was established and provided information, marketing and a form of union for the coffee growers. Now, Hillkoff has two shops here in Chiang Mai that sell the products of Direct Trade coffee beans grown by local hill tribes right here in the north of Thailand.

Hillkoff also provides personal or wholesale purchases on their website. They don’t stop at coffee either; there is a wide range of teas, appliances and even cups on sale too.

A fabulous new addition to Hillkoff’s stock is their tasty cherry tea, also known as casara, which is made from the dried berries (or “cherries”) of the coffee plant. Bright, sweet and a pleasure to drink, cherry tea has the distinct taste of honey and fruit, and is packed full of cancer-fighting antioxidants, so you can feel good about drinking it.


Hillkoff Branch 1: 66 Changpuak Road (Hillkoff House of Coffee and Tea)
Hillkoff Branch 2: 3/135 Rattanakosin Road

Category Cafés, Food Opening Times 8am - 5.30pm 053 213078 / 082 7628293