Gekko Books

Forget those dim, dusty and smelly used book stores, and say hello to the renewed Gekko Books. Since it first opened in 2000 (with a slightly different name), it has gone through a lot of changes in the past few month with new owner Kawee Wutti. Now more open and appealing enjoy yourself strolling around the shop and looking for something new to read. The store has a humongous selection of books in high quality and leave nothing to be desired. Don’t worry if you are a bookworm and devour pages in record time, you can return books bought from Gekko Books within 3 months and get half price store credit if they are still in good condition. There is also a special offer for Citylife readers: go to one of the two branches, grab a book, tell the cashier that you are a Citylife reader and get a 10% discount!

gekko books promo


Main branch: 2/6 Chang Moi Kao Road (just off Tha Pae Gate)
Junior branch: 2 Ratchamanka Road (closes at 6pm)

Category Books Opening Times Open 9am – 8 pm 091 7456971