Farm Changrung Farmshop

The Farm Changrung Farmshop restaurant offers you a true farm to table experience with piping hot, tender cuts of pork, chicken and beef, amazingly fresh vegetables raw and grilled, and rich, creamy fresh milk from the cattle on their farm. The Changrun Farm is located on 15,000 rai of land in Doi Tao where the animals roam freely, grazing among the crops of vegetables and grains. Changrun Farmshop is located in Star Avenue, decorated in rustic raw wood furniture, walls adorned with corn cobs and corn husks, and the food is served by charming staff clad in cowboy hats. The pork tenderloins, beef steaks, and roasted chickens are hearty and flavourful and served with generous portions of salad and fresh vegetables. To top it off, you must try their homemade ice cream, churned right in the restaurant with fresh milk from their own farm cattle, it is one sweet, organic treat.


2nd Floor, Star Avenue (Arcade Bus Terminal Chiang Mai)

Category Cafés, Farmshop Cuisine Thai Opening Times 10am to 10pm 053 244229