Di Bosco Coffee

The latest gem on the Samoeng Loop is Di Bosco Coffee Specialist, an incongruently sophisticated café in Pong Yang with all the gadgets and tools a hipster barista would be proud to – and does – show off. This quirky but trendy little café serves up coffees from its own roasting factory with all the menu items you’d come to expect from a self-respecting specialist; espresso, doppio, ristretto, latte, cappuccino…For more refreshing drinks after the long drive, there are Italian sodas, teas and fruit juices and their pork burger is delicious. There are always a row of big bikes and ATVs parked in front and this little café has become a social hub of the many residents in the area as well as making for a perfect pit stop on a lovely day’s drive. If you happen to be in the Pong Yang area, make sure you stop by and chat to the friendly owners of Di Bosco and grab a bag of coffee beans or even an espresso machine to take home.

Open 8am – 6pm
099 384 8686


Bong Yang (on the main road in the Bong Yang village)

Category Cafés Opening Times Open 8am – 6pm