Champ Games

Champ Games is your go to PlayStation store, with all types of games, gadgets, consoles and gizmos to get you properly jacked into the gaming world. Apart from the regular stuff, he has just got in a new order of PlayStation VR for those keen on taking gaming to the next level.

For some, Virtual Reality is better off played at home. This way you can make a total fool of yourself and be safe in the knowledge nobody is watching you…well apart from your very confused house cat perhaps. Either way, you can roll around, loose your balance and never hold back when hooking up a VR unit to your PlayStation 4. Sure, the PS4 is not the only console with VR but it’s probably the easiest one to source here in Thailand. Champ games sells the VR units in-store at the Big C Extra on the superhighway. He also stocks consoles, games, controllers and a myriad of other gaming accessories that can add to the experience.


2nd Floor Big C Extra, Superhighway (near the food court)

Category Electronics, Gaming Opening Times 10am – 8.30pm 098 670 9072